19 Oct

Avi Weisfogel’s Commitment To Helping Sleep Disorder Patients.

Sleep apnea is a disorder with destructive effects and is related to health conditions such as stroke, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. People with the disorder wake up about 30 times every night and thus there is a need to find treatment for sleep apnea. There is also need to increase awareness as a majority of individuals with the disease remain undiagnosed. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is leading the cause to diagnose and treat people, and also aiding the advancement of research and solutions of the disorder.


Dental Sleep Masters have created a model that will ensure better care for patients and greater opportunities in the medical community. The model is for primary and secondary physicians, certified sleep physicians and sleep labs. The integration of dental and medical professional will create a model care that will effectively treat patients. Dentists have joined sleep physicians to offer support to people with sleep apnea.


There will be an increase in sleep apnea treatment as more breakthroughs emerge. In the past years, sleep apnea patients have not responded positively to mechanical treatments and thus alternative treatments are using smaller devices. A new device such as THN Sleep Therapy device developed by IM Thera Medical has approval for clinical trials by the Food and Drug Administration.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel has extensive experience in sleep disorders and treatment. He started his career as a general dentist and established Old Bridge Dental Care in 1999. He headed the office and won accolades as the Best Dentist for several years. He has founded multiple companies in the dental industry focusing on sleep disorders. He established Healthy Heart Sleep in 2010 a company that advised physicians on how to develop and manage sleep labs.


In 2012, he founded Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient where he was dedicated to lecture dentists on how to serve sleep patients. He is well known as the founder of Dental Sleep Masters a company focused on using oral appliances to treat sleep disorders. The Rutgers University and New York University of Dentistry alumni advocate for the improvement of healthcare distribution in sleep medicine. He has developed a system that has treated over 200 oral appliance patients every month. Dr. Avi helps dentists identify sleep apnea patients and ensures that the patients get treatment.

13 Oct

Former Atlanta Hawks Owner Wins a Settlement Suit against AIG, a New Hampshire Insurance Company

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC has filed a petition against New Hampshire Insurance Company. As a stakeholder of the NBA franchise, the former is seeking damages for breach of contract from the latter. This motion is filed in the wake of Danny Ferry’s settlement claims that have not been implemented.

The court petition is headed by Bruce Levenson, the former group owner of Atlanta Hawks and not its current owner Tony Ressler. The plaintiff has piled more misery on the defendant by adding the provision of insurance on bad faith. The plaintiff argues that the company was insured under a policy for certain losses related to hiring practices. However, AIG backtracked on their clause by only covering Workplace Torts and Wrongful Termination.

The legal tussle had ensued for several months before a buyout agreement was reached on June 2015. Ressler has reiterated that the current management is not involved in the legal fracas with AIG. As such, they are not obliged to provide comments on the matter. To promote their chances of winning in court, AHBE has sought the services of competent lawyers to back up their claim. Armed with court documents that stated accurate facts, the Court had no choice but to rule in favor of the plaintiff. Furthermore, they have directed the defendant to pay damages promptly or risk further prosecution.

Bruce Levenson’s Background

The former owner of Atlanta Hawks is credited for his role in the development of the NBA franchise. While at the helm, the sports division has generated impressive revenue as well as reaching the NBA Finals. His insightful leadership and keen business acumen have been essential ingredients for the success of the Basketball team.

His entrepreneurial skills were put to the test when he successfully negotiated a selling price for the club. According to ESPN by selling the Basketball team at $ 730 million, Levenson is assured of a steady flow of income for many years to come. Furthermore, he plans to invest such revenue in other opportunities and diversify his portfolio. Read more about Bruce on brucelevenson.com.


12 Oct

The Leadership Aspects of Josh Verne

The various ways to become a successful person include:
1. Be a Leader and Not a Boss
In management positions, there are two types of people, bosses, and leaders. A boss demands respects, does what pleases them according to their interest, and uses their title to accomplish their goals. A leader earns respect by putting the interests of his people before himself and uses the gained respect to accomplishing the goals his team sets. You have to be a leader if you want to succeed in life. Forget about demanding respect or forcing your way onto others. When you put others first and serve your followers, your team can accomplish anything they set on your mind.

2. Everything Must be a Win
Never agree to follow a plan of action or a deal that has two probable endings. Strive to achieve a winning situation. A win for your clients, a win for you, and a win for your team makes a win for society. There is always a way to create a win for everybody no matter how unique your situation is. You will be forced to find the best solutions every time you face an unexpected problem or a new client when you stop settling on situations that do not dictate a win for everyone.

3. Listen More, Speak Less
This point is profound and straightforward. You have one mouth and two ears for a reason. You must use the two organs in their proportion. The more your power of words you have is determined by the amount of time you take to listen. When you listen more, you appear more authoritative. When you have something to say, people will listen to you.

4. Have a Balanced Life
Life is a balance of situations. If your health and home life have the disorder, you will suffer even if you have all the money in the world. On the other hand, you can have a shredded body and a loving family. However, you and your loved ones will suffer if you are not making enough money. Balance is not all about focusing on every aspect of your life on spending the same amount you earn. It is all about ensuring that you improve in every aspect.

Josh Verne is the founder of Workplays LLC and serves as the company’s CEO. Mr. Venre was appointed as the President of the company after leading its largest division of more than 100 retail stores. He has successfully owned and operated multi-national corporations with sales exceeding $200 million.


More information for Josh Verne is available on his Crunchbase page.

10 Oct

Schools, Parents, And Teachers Embrace The EdTech App; ClassDojo, As The Future Of Parent-Teacher Communication

Originally from the UK, Sam Chaudhary, and Liam Don, the co-founders of ClassDojo both arrived in the US with a 3-month visiting Visa. Sam vividly remembers the small flat they had which served as both their residence and workstations. After their Visas had expired, they went back to the UK but kept working on their app.


Five years down the line, ClassDojo has been embraced internationally. According to their head of communication, Lindsay McKinley, ClassDojo has millions of users worldwide. Through its simple premise; communication between parents, teachers, and students in a school setting, ClassDojo has transformed teaching experience.


In the US alone, the communication platform is used in two in three schools and 90% of the school districts, according to Lindsay. It also boasts global success having a presence in over 180 states. During the summer of 2015, 500,000 people were recorded to have downloaded the app.


Later in the year, it was reported that ClassDojo had raised $21 million in venture funding having raised $8.5 million in 2013 and $1.6 million in 2012 as seed funding.


The app’s DNA is designed to create a shared classroom experience between teachers and students and parents. Educators can upload photos and videos of students’ progress and then share them with parents. Through ClassDojo, parents no longer have to wait for the once-a-semester parent-teacher conferences to get a report on their children’s progress.


Sam explained their noble intentions when they were developing the app. He claimed that ClassDojo was not of Silicon Valley Hubris, but rather a simple platform that would bring students, teachers, and parents together. Sam added that he is still amazed at ClassDojos’s success to date because he had not envisioned it when they were developing it. Considering ClassDojo has never advertised or marketed, its success seems even more surreal. Unlike other apps, ClassDojo has grown in users through word of mouth.


About ClassDojo


ClassDojo is an online communication platform that was developed to help communication between parents and teachers regarding students’ progress and classroom happenings. The EdTech was founded in 2011 by Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary and has its headquarters in San Francisco, CA. Its primary objective is to foster positive behavior from students.


The ClassDojo app is available in both the Android version, which can be downloaded from the Play Store, as well as the iOS version, which can be downloaded from the Apple store for free. The app is actively in use by over 85,000 schools. The tech company is believed to have a staff of over 25 employees.

08 Oct

White Shark Media Delivering Solutions

White Shark Media, a Digital Marketing Agency, brings forth online marketing solutions, specially made to fit small and medium-sized businesses. Founded by three Danish entrepreneurs in 2011, all three had experience in offline and online marketing. After 3 years of growth, White Shark Media now has more than 150 employees, has offices in three countries, and has mastered AdWords Search, Display Advertising, Google Analytics and Bing Ads. Collaborating with Google, the digital agency has won awards from Google AdWords Premier SMB Partnership in July 2014. With Google having strict eligibility and training requirements, winning this award is a privileged and coveted recognition.



White Shark Media delivers top level service, understanding the clients need and communicating with each is a priority. The agency treats each client as a business partner and friend. With the clients entrusting White Shark Media with thousands of dollars, returning the trust is done by providing excellent service. Gaining loyal clients and providing excellent service is done by going above and beyond what is expected. By staying two steps ahead, the agency aims to be proactive rather than reactive, creating stress and unengaged clients. Thinking ahead of the clients need is the goal of White Shark Media.



Putting the clients need first and responding to them as if every request is top priority, this ensures that the clients always feel important. Every client is made to feel as if they are the only client. By working hard, and not taking short cuts, White Shark Media believes that putting in the extra work and creating the most optimal service pays off for them more than double. Also, being honest with the client and always letting them know if they failed to reach a goal is a must. Being dishonest with the clients eventually undermines the brand that the agency has built.



Overall, White Shark Media is an agency that has learned how to ensure that the client’s needs are always met and they have mastered this art. Offering cost-effective, flat fee service marketing solutions, as well as providing clients the ability to have no contracts and full clarity on the services, allows the clients to be in on the services they are needing from beginning to end. Being honest and upfront with the clients and being transparent every step of the way ensures client stability. Having the clients trust is what White Shark Media has set out to gain.

26 Sep

TOWN Residential News

CEO Andrew Heiberger Acknowledges TOWN Elite Real Estate Agents and Representatives


TOWN Residential CEO, Andrew Heiberger acknowledges the TOWN Elite Group for their excellence in professionalism, sales and leasing in 2015. The group of real estate agents and representatives received honors from The Thousand Top Real Estate Professionals and REAL Trends America’s Best Real Estate Agents. They were ranked in the following categories; individual-sides, individual-sales volume, team-sides, team-sales volume, individual-sales volume, individual-transaction sides, team-sales volume, and team-transaction sides. Mr. Heiberger appreciates the accomplishments of their leading agents and reps who maintained the highest ethical values within the real estate industry.



TOWN Elite individual agents met all qualifications for the Thousand Top Real Estate and REAL Trends. Real Trends requirements included closing 50 plus transaction sides or $20 million in sales volume. The Elite team were required to close 75 or more transaction sides or $30 million in sales volume. Among the Thousand Top Real Estate Professionals are Stephan Ferrara, Michael Bejzak, Leah Ozeri, Alex Heydt, and Danny Davis. Ferrara and Bejzak received the highest ranking, number nine among the TOWN Elite group for their team efforts by average price.



In the individuals by average price category, Leah Ozeri ranked 43rd and Alex Heydt ranked 45th. Danny Davis ranked 194th in the individuals-sales volume category. Out of 12,000 agents nationwide, REAL Trend selected six of TOWN Elite individual agents, including Danny Davis, Susan Green, Leah Ozeri, Alex Heydt, Laurie Gilmore, and Dana Power. Davis received the highest ranking among the group, followed by Susan Green and Leah Ozeri. Davis ranked 45th, Green ranked 232, and Ozeri ranked 253. The TOWN Elite group competed with 12,000 agents and were ranked based on sales volume superiority.



TOWN Residential had five teams who made the top 200 highest ranking by sales volume. Teams comprise of Stephan Ferrara and Michael Bejzak; Prince Team; Steven Gold Team; Aeen Avini and Sean Hughes; and The Saez-Fromm Team. Team Ferrara and Bejzak ranked 85 and the Steven Gold Team ranked 107. The Aeen Avini and Sean Hughes team came in third, ranking 154 among TOWN Elite teams. The Prince Team came in at 173 and the Saez-Fromm Team ranked 174.



Andrew Heiberger appreciates the dedication and endeavors of each TOWN Elite real estate agent and representative. Heiberger is also celebrating a buyout transaction giving him 100 percent control and ownership of TOWN Residential, TOWN Commercial, TOWN Marketing and Leasing, and TOWN New Development. TOWN Residential was co-founded by Heiberger specializing in residential real estate sales, marketing, rentals, and new development.



TOWN Residential is a New York, NY-based real estate brokerage firm serving Manhattan and Brooklyn neighborhoods. The firm’s Elite group of representatives and agents has years of expertise in sales and rentals in Harlem, Inwood, Financial District, Union Square, and other Manhattan neighborhoods. TOWN Residential publishes resourceful information comprising of buyer’s guide, rental guide, financing guide, and seller’s guide, which is very helpful to clients seeking to purchase or sell properties.


23 Sep

Finding the Right Options for Reputation Management

Bad experiences by a select few customers can quickly become a public relations nightmare; this can be especially true when the complaints are taken to areas on the internet. Other customers that are looking to see if a service or product is reputable will check online sources for reviews, and those incredibly negative comments on the business can prevent them from either going or expecting a good experience.

Why is Online Reputation Management Necessary?

The online world has become the storefront of a business or organization in many ways. According to website Online Reputation Reviews, advertising online can be a big boost for business, and posting event announcements can gather bigger crowds for organizations. However, this virtual world can be a double-edged blade. Although it does offer a lot of perks, customers that go online to express their disappointments and criticisms of the business can easily cause for there to be less interest.
Thankfully, there are tools available that helps with properly managing online reputations. These tools give the organizations a chance at regaining some control on what people immediately see when looking at review sites. In fact, various different tools empower businesses by giving them real-time alerts when their business name is used online, whether it is on a website or through social media!
Choices for Online Management
According to an article by the Huffington Post, the choices for these types of reputation management tools can be quite extensive. There are various premium services from companies that specialize specifically in managing online reputation, and their experience and expertise in the area can help keep a positive reputation for the organization. On the other hand, there are also free options. For instance, the previously mentioned ability to have alerts sent to the organization, based on their name being used in a search, can be done by Google as a free service. Truthfully, companies that are on a budget can find that there are a good number or great services and software that provide easy access to viewing and managing customer’s reviews. Later on, once the budget is not as tight, the organization can always examine the benefits of moving their management to a premium vendor.


16 Sep

Stephen Murray Of CCMP Capital Became Our Best Partner Before He Died

Stephen Murray was the CEO of CCMP Capital when we began working with him on investing in his brand new fund. He was a very nice man, but we had been told that he might have to take a leave of absence because of an illness. We were able to get a meeting with him where he talked to us about his new fund, and he got us invested in it. We wrote a check that day to start our business trust, and then he sent us a really good report on the fund before he left work.

Stephen Murray passed away not long after, and we were very sad to have lost our partner in this business account. We knew that it would be a good thing for our company, but we had no idea how good it would be even after he died.

The people who worked for Stephen Murray were able to keep our fund account going, and they gave us a lot of good information to get the account to grow. We have been with that fund since the beginning, and we are making a lot of money because of the status of the account. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: http://blogs.wsj.com/privateequity/2015/03/13/former-ccmp-ceo-stephen-murray-dies-at-52/

I have been very lucky to invest with CCMP Capital and Stephen Murray before he died. He was a good person to work with, and we actually have all our regular accounts with Chase.

It is all the same bank, and it helps us consolidate all the things we do. We prefer to keep our operations as streamlined as we can, and that is why we have been trying to go with the funds and banks that work best for us. We have been lucky to use CCMP Capital, and our business trust is growing a lot because of the way that we are invested.

Read more: CCMP’s Murray dead at 52

15 Sep

Kate Hudson and Fabletics

For women that frequently visit the gym or for the women that are looking to find a new brand of outerwear clothing that is great not only for comfort but also for style, one brand in particular to take a look at is the brand that is known as Fabletics, a clothing brand name that was created by Kate Hudson in 2013 to bring on a new fashion sense for working out. As a movie star, Kate Hudson has been able to use her style and influence within this industry to start a company that is geared towards the consumers in providing a styled way to leave the house that will not break the bank in the process. Kate Hudson, though a trained movie star with a family name that continues to hit the movies on Twitter, Ms. Hudson has now been making a name for herself as a businesswoman and as an individual that provides exactly what the consumer wants and needs.

Kate Hudson understands that workout clothes can often be expensive despite the fact that the outfits are minimal and are often used only two to three days a week. With this in mind, Kate Hudson designed Fabletics to make an option that is inexpensive and that truly adds style to the clothes without having to break the bank like other competitors encourage the consumer to do. Fabletics is a brand for women of all shapes and sizes with all different incomes that want to buy a high quality product on fabletics.ca.

In recent news, Kate Hudson recently launched a new campaign add that would show the customer the extent that she wears her own clothes. This new campaign add of Fabletics consisted of many clips that were set in her own home and showed exactly what can be done while wearing the comfortable active wear. During these clips, Kate Hudson showed that these outfits are great for flexibility, endurance, or even for just hanging out around the house. Kate Hudson even recommends that women can grocery shop or even go to the office looking great with the help of Fabletics and the trending designs.

Kate Hudson’s apparel is not only standing out due to the price as well as the functionality, but also due to the fact that the fabric is comfortable and that the patterns are innovative and stylish that makes anyone want to wear these designs as they are flattering on all body types. Kate Hudson is truly a businesswoman that knows what the people want and works hard to make sure that her products continue to improve in both style as well as in durability. Though this is a three year business, there are high expectations for the future of this company.

13 Sep

Stress Free Party Planning With Twenty Three Layers

here are so many things you need to do to get ready for a big party. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to stress out planning. Here are some tips on stress free party planning.

One tip is make sure you are organized. You want to make sure that you come up with several lists. This includes the guest list, supply list, and the people that have RSVP’ed. You may also want another list for the people that have special diet requests when it comes to their food. By having a list you will make sure you stay organized.

Make sure that you pick a theme for your party. If you pick a theme, your party is often more celebratory. Get creative with your theme.

You need to make sure you send out invitations. If you are stressing about the cost of invites then check out your local craft store. They have invitations you can print on from your home printer. This saves a lot of time and money.

Another thing is to keep your food, especially appetizers, simple. Instead of a full dinner think about serving bite size food. You can serve cherry tomatoes and basil, dips, and many other items.

If you are going to have children attending your party consider setting up a children’s table. This way the kids at your party are entertained. You can add fun things to the table for the children to play with.

If you want a nice table setting make sure you keep them simple. You can tie a bow around the fork and spoon and lay it on the plate for a simple elegant look. By making it simple you will have less stress. Use these great tips at your next event.

If you are looking for an event planning company in NYC check out Twenty Three Layers. There are many event planners in NYC but they are the best. They offer many services to their clients including catering, venue selection, entertainment, and photography. They have professionals on their team that have been party planning for over ten years.